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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grading Dilemma

Still thinking about what I've done in grading. One side, I think it's not educating the students, when I upgrade their score, but on the other side, I can't ignore their sacrifice to study. They go to campus at night and from along distance, back to their home late at night. Maybe in big cities, it's not a problem, but here, it is a some serious issue, there is no public transportation late at night. Above all, there is no infrastructure in supporting their studies at their neighborhood.
I want to give them not only a good score, but an excellent one. Transfer my knowledge, give an understanding, that's all I want. Now, I can understand how hard for an appraiser or a judge when they have to decide something.
The funny one when finally a lecturer issued their grade, still some students complaint and not satisfy about their grade. As a note, the lecturer already raised their score. They only want grade "A", at least "B". "C" is a failure, even actually they only deserved "D" or "E". They blamed their lecturer for their bad score, instead of self-introspection. Hehehe..
Finally, when I gave grade, there is something intriguing in my heart.

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