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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Black dan White

Honestly, I was fall
For something that is new to me
Never do I thought this kind of feeling can be happened
A bizarre sensation, an illicit emotion
Thought it just a natural reaction, for a some truly relation
But, it’s getting out of control, a potential situation to ruin my purity
Foolish me to think this notion
Foolish me to continue this game
Foolish me to think that I can manage this situation
Love I have will lost forever
When trust is gone, it shall last forever
Is it worthed ?
And to think all about it
Honestly, loving you is forever
Foolish me to let you go
Foolish me to hurt your feeling
Foolish me to change what we have all this time
Nothing can change my love for you
You are my angel
Love of my life

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