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Thursday, July 23, 2009

When I Old

When I old, no longer me in my old times
Understand me, be patience on me

When I drop vegetable gravy on my cloth, when I can't tied up my shoelace
Remember the times when I teach, guide you to do it

When I keep repeating the word that makes you boring
Be patience to listen, don't cut my utterance
When you are child, I've to tell and tell a story that I've tell you thousand times till you swung in dream

When I need you to bathing me

Don't blame me. Do you remember when you are a child how I persuading you to get a bath

When I am fuzzy in facing the new things and modern technology
Don't laugh at me
Contemplate when I am answering all your "why" in patience at that time

When my legs are weak to walk
Give me your young and strong hand to help me walking
As in your child times I guide you to step till you can walk

When I am forgetting our topic
Give me some time to remembering it
Actually, the topic is not important for me, so long as thou reside in my side to listen, I'll be happy

When you look at me getting old, don't sad
Understand me, support me like I do when you are learning about life
I was guiding you tread this way of life, now accompany me to the end of my road
Give me your love and patience, I'll accept it with the grateful smile
In my smile, I plant all my love for you

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