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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mancing Maniak At Poncan Island, Sibolga

After been postponed for 2 weeks, finally we are going to Poncan Island, Sibolga. Ply the sea with Purse Seine over 30 GT; it doesn’t take an hour for the 21 of us to board at Poncan Island. After preparing our stuff, kids swimming and playing in white sand, we go directly to the dock to fish; meanwhile others burn the fish and prepare our lunch.

No patience in waiting the fish to be preserved because we are too late to arrive at Poncan Island.. aha.. Finally Mr. Binsar caught a fish, a small one but it’s better than nothing though. Yes, lunch is ready at last. It’s time to eat. Yummy..

After having lunch, we “the men” sail to the sea, fishing. Using the 30 GT Purse Seine, we arrived on the first spot. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any fish. Maybe the fish is not hungry yet or we are just an amateur, ha..ha..ha.. It’s only take 15 minutes for us on the first spot, then we go much further to the second spot.. Yei.. Mr. Binsar gets 3 more fish on the spot and finally I’ve got one. The others 3 of us are not fortune to catch any.
We are fishing for almost 2 hour, and then we get back to the shore to pick up our ladies and kids. We even not have an opportunity swimming in the ocean because the ladies and kids are too tired.
Ah… Goodbye Poncan, we’ll see you next month…. hopefully..

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